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Every day we experiment with new technologies to be on the cusp of tomorrow’s information.

Monrif Net was born in 1999 as the new media company of the Monrif Group. 1999 was the pinnacle of the so-called New Economy, but don’t be fooled by apperances: Monrif Net’s origins have solid roots in the Old Economy.

Monrif Net is indeed a child of the Holding Company that owns some of the most important players in the national publishing and industrial landscape. In our vision of new media, a web server is first and foremost an evolution of the printing press, and a PC or cellular screen are just new ways to think of the traditional page of a newspaper.

Our ambition is to combine tradition and innovation, journalistic craft and new technologies, to provide the readers of yesterday and today the information services of tomorrow. In terms of audience our primary goal has always been to increase readers’ loyalty to a newspaper by engaging them in a conversation that starts at the newsstand in the morning and continues throughout the day on a PC or a mobile device and we feel that we have succeeded in doing so.

QN - is the on-line news site where you can find news in three dimensions: national, regional and by subject matter, provided by the top Internet specialists.

Monthly page views: 93,600,631 (Shinystat April 2015)

Monthly users: 17,091,692 (Shinystat April 2015)

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il Resto del

Real-time news from our Emilia Romagna and Marche editorial staffs.

Monthly page views: 20,950,160 (Shinystat April 2015)

Monthly users: 2,099,997 (Shinystat April 2015)

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Real-time news from our Toscana and Umbria editorial staffs.

Monthly page views: 14,620,057 (Shinystat April 2015)

Monthly users: 1,655,345 (Shinystat April 2015)

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Real-time news from our Lombardia editorial staffs.

Monthly page views: 6,988,729 (Shinystat April 2015)

Monthly users: 1,043,625 (Shinystat April 2015)

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Qs Sport

Real-time news from the local, national and global world of sports.

Monthly page views: 297,227 (Shinystat April 2015)

Monthly users: 117,069 (Shinystat April 2015)

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Online editions of Cavallo Magazine and Cavallo Sport are the natural extensions of the prestigious monthly magazine covering equestrianism.

Monthly page views: 91,780 (Shinystat April 2025)

Monthly users: 45,643 (Shinystat April 2015)

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Pronto Imprese

Create your website in a few easy steps and introduce your business to the world!

Monthly page views: 794,656 (Shinystat April 2015)

Monthly users: 529,012 (Shinystat April 2015)

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From the Internet to Mobile to Social Networks, is a comprehensive solution for unprecedented visibility and exposure.

Monthly page views: 8,648,556 (Shinystat April 2015)

Monthly users: 1,723,945 (Shinystat April 2015)

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