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Pronto Imprese

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Monthly page views: 794,656 (Shinystat April 2015)

Monthly users: 529,012 (Shinystat April 2015)


Conceived as an idea in December 2006 as a response to the market of Directories, online catalogues to search for addresses, businesses, telephone numbers.

In 2008 Pronto Imprese became a Premium Partner of Google Adsense.

The Minisite is a container of “alternative” and complementary information to the business/client’s “official” website, and which is promoted to all of the users in the client’s area who are looking for a business, product and/or service that matches up with that offered by the client’s business.

In this way the client can gain exposure not only with users searching for a particular service, but also with other users who, for example, may have searched for the telephone number of one of its competitors.

The Minisite, therefore, generates indirect traffic to the client’s “official” website, which is not substituted by the minisite but is rather supplemented by it, multiplying exponentially the possibility of contact.

The Minisite is made up of 5 sections:

• PRESENTATION: company profile and description of the business with a link to the official site.

• IMAGES: the possibility to include a photo gallery with brief descriptions of each picture.

• MAP: indication of the geographic position where the company is located.

• NEWS: the possibility to communicate last minute daily or monthly offers/deals.

• CONTACTS: the possibility for the visitor to request further information by filling out a contact form online.






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