Il Giorno

Il Giorno

Il Giorno is the third newspaper in terms of number of copies sold in Lombardy.

Managing Director: Giancarlo Mazzuca

Vice Director: Laura Fasano

Total copies distributed in Italy: 49,066 (ADS 2013)

Total readers: 271,000 (Calculations based on data taken from Audipress 2015/I)


Founded in 1956, Il Giorno made an immediate impression with a journalistic formula more than modern: revolutionary. On a graphic level: big and lively headings, active and exciting page layouts, the use of color (the first to do so and, for many years, the only, among Italian newspapers). On a journalistic level: shorter articles, with the essential information in the first lines, a minimalistic style, whose strength lies in the clarity and immediacy of the colloquial Italian it utilizes. The success was apparent from the start.

Created as a newspaper for Milan and Lombardia, it soon became an important national reference point.

Its young editorial office, under the direction of “historic” leaders like Gaetano Baldacci, Italo Pietra, Gaetano Afeltra and Guglielmo Zucconi, just to name a few, will make up the breeding-ground for the great Italian journalists of the future.


Tel. +39 02 27 79 92 21



Il Giorno is the third newspaper in terms of number of copies sold in Lombardy.

(Source: ADS 2013 – Lombardia)

Reader's Profile

271,000 readers with a majority of male readers (65%) in respect to female readers (34%).

More than a third of readers (37%) have an average household monthly income of more than 2,401€, which is more than the average population.

Readers are predominantly adult, with 29% being middle-aged (35-54 years old), which is also the age group with the greatest buying power.

>2.400 €
1.651 - 2.400 €
< 1.650 €
< 34 years old
35 - 54 years old
> 55 years old

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