Il Resto del Carlino

Il Resto del Carlino

The first newspaper in Emilia-Romagna, Marche and southern Veneto, distributed with Quotidiano Nazionale.

Managing Director: Andrea Cangini

Total copies distributed in Italy: 126,301 (ADS 2013)

Total readers: 1,097,000 (Calculations based on data taken from Audipress 2015/I)


The newspaper with the most original name in Italy was founded way back in 1885. When cigars cost less than a “carlino”, that era’s local currency, the change from a cigar purchase was the extremely modest price of this publication. Originally created to offer an exhaustive view of the happenings around the world, the newspaper featured timely articles from the head press agencies in Paris, London and Vienna, with a particular focus on local events in Bologna.

From that point on, il Resto del Carlino has become synonymous with Bologna. The newspaper is a symbol of Bologna, interpreting and articulating the spirit of the city, through its prestigious writers: from Giovanni Pascoli to Gabriele D’Annunzio, from Giuseppe Prezzolini to Curzio Malaparte and Giovanni Spadolini. Today, with its numerous local news offices (15 in total) it goes well beyond the local confines, sweeping across three of the best regions of Italy in terms of “quality of life” – something long-affirmed by American universities – while at the same time spurring the economy.

Il Resto del Carlino is an undisputed leader in terms of readership and authority thanks to the detailed local information combined with the broad coverage of national and international news that it provides.

With more than a century of life, il Resto del Carlino is the model of a newspaper fully dedicated to its readers and to the interests of those in its area of distribution.


Tel: +39 051 60 06 801



Il Resto del Carlino is the first newspaper in its primary area of circulation, which is Emilia Romagna and the Marche.

Its strong connection with readers can be seen by the high percentage of copies sold through the distribution channels (newsstands) that have been sanctioned by law, equal to 90% of total copies sold.

(Source: ADS 2013 –Emilia Romagna and Marche Area)

Reader's profile

1,097,000 readers with a predominantly male readership (57%).

More than one out of every two readers (55%) has a significant disposable income with an average monthly salary of more than 2,401.00€.

41% of readers are middle-aged (35-54 years old).

In addition to being the largest in terms of population this age group also has the greatest buying power.

> 2.401 €
1.651 - 2.400 €
< 1.650 €
< 34 years old
35 - 54 years old
> 55 years old

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