La Nazione

La Nazione

Founded in 1859, it is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy. La Nazione is the leading newspaper in terms of number of copies circulated in its primary area of distribution: Toscany and Umbria.

Managing Director: Pier Francesco De Robertis

Vice Director: Mauro Avellini

Total copies distributed in Italy: 102,527 (ADS 2013)

Total readers: 749,000 (Calculations based on data taken from Audipress 2015/I)


La Nazione is even older than the unification of Italy. The last grand duke of Tuscany was leaving Florence for his exile in Vienna when the first edition of this newspaper, whose name would predict Italy’s future, saw the light of day.

But La Nazione is more than just an historic newspaper. It represents an authentic school of journalistic thought dedicated to providing the highest level of information and service to the reader.Accomplished writers from Edmondo De Amicis to Carlo Lorenzini, and from Giovanni Spadolini and Giuseppe Prezzolini, to the poet Mario Luz have all graced La Nazione’s pages.

A high-quality newspaper, which everyday reaches readers in a vast area ranging from La Spezia to Umbria, not to mention, of course, its historical, moral and artistic capital: Florence.

In 2009 La Nazione celebrated 150 years of publications throught a special stamp released by Poste Italiane. A successful goal that only few newspapers reached not only in Italy but all over the world.


Tel: +39 055 24 95 870



QN – La Nazione is the first newspaper in its primary area of circulation: Tuscany and Umbria.

Its strong connection with readers can be seen by the high percentage of copies sold through the distribution channels (newsstands) that have been sanctioned by law, equal to 92% of total copies sold.

(Source: ADS 2013 – Toscana and Umbria)


Reader's profile

749,000 readers, divided as such: 60% men and 41% women.
Readers of La Nazione tend to have a high disposable income.

49% of readers have an average household monthly income of more than 2,401€.

38% of readers are between 35-54 years old. This is the age group with the greatest buying power.


> 2.401 €
1.651 - 2.400 €
< 1.650 €
< 34 years old
35 - 54 years old
> 55 years old

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