Qs Sport

Qs Sport

Starting on January 18th, 2009, a new player emerged to enrich the landscape of daily sports newspapers in Italy: QS – Quotidiano Sportivo.

Director: Giuseppe Tassi

Total copies distributed in Italy: 277,894 (ADS 2013)

Total readers:  1,463,000 (Calculations based on data taken from Audipress 2015/I)


Qs Sport is actually a stand-alone sports newspaper, delivered seven days a week with QN – Quotidiano Nazionale (il Resto del Carlino – La Nazione – Il Giorno).

QS-Sport is made up of three specific products (QS – Il Resto del Carlino, QS – La Nazione and QS – Il Giorno) and features an average of 40 pages on Monday and 16/20 pages on every other day. QS Sport is an insert in each of the 38 newspapers and can be easily detached and read.

The “editorial format” of QS Sport features a national sports component that is the same in all editions along with a local and amateur sports component that differs depending on the regional and local realities of each edition.




QS – Sport (QN – Quotidiano Nazionale) has a circulation of 298,246 copies, divided into the following Nielsen areas:

• Nielsen Area 1 (Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria, Lombardia): 60.403 – 20,3%

• Nielsen Area 2 (Trentino A.A.,Friuli V.G.,Veneto,Emila Romagna): 115.815 – 38,8%

• Nielsen Area 3 (Toscana, Umbria, Marche, Lazio, Sardegna): 120.394 – 40,4%

• Nielsen Area 4 (Abruzzo,Molise,Puglia,Campania,Basilicata,Calabria,Sicilia): 589 – 0,2%

• Other Sales: 1,045 – 0,4%

Source: ADS 2013

Reader's profile

1,463,000 readers of QS – Quotidiano Sportivo in Italy, made up of the following:

• 88% men
• 12% women

The division between male and female readers is pretty much in line with that of other sports dailies.

The readers of QS – Quotidiano Sportivo tend to be among the highest earners, and in fact 50% of readers have an average monthly income of more than €2,400.

38% of readers of QS – Quotidiano Sportivo are middle-aged (35-54 years old), which is the age group with the greatest buying power.



>2.400 €
1.651 - 2.400 €
< 1.651 €
< 34 years old
35 - 54 years old
> 55 years old

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