In the footsteps of a great entrepreneurial tradition

Monrif, or rather Monti Riffeser, one of the most beautiful and fascinating stories of Italian capitalism, which from its headquarters in Bologna and following the great entrepreneurial tradition set forth by “Cavaliere del Lavoro”* Attilio Monti, has become a leader in the Publishing, Printing, New Media and Tourism industries.

The Group took on its current name when it became a publicly traded company in 1986, and underwent a further development in 2007 when the Gruppo Poligrafici Printing, active in the printing industry through the wholly-owned subsidiaries Grafica Editoriale Printing S.r.l., Csp Centro Stampa Poligrafici and Gcp Grafica Commerciale Printing S.r.l., had its initial public offering.

S.A Poligrafici il Resto del Carlino was renamed Poligrafici Editoriale in 1977, following the publishing company’s acquisition of the La Nazione and the il Resto del Carlino newspapers. The previous year Editoriale (now the Monrif Group) had acquired the controlling stake in the company.

In 1986 it became a publicly traded company.

In 1989 the Group took control over Spe (Società Pubblicità Editoriale which is now called SpeeD, Società pubblicità editoriale e Digitale). In 1997 Sogedit (Gruppo ENI) sold the Group its shares of the Publisher Il Giorno and of the Nuova Same (which handled the printing of the national newspaper Il Giorno).

In 1997 the business unit for the printing of the La Nazione newspaper was spun off and reassigned under the wholly owned Casa Nuove S.r.l. (since renamed the Centro Stampa Poligrafici S.r.l.).

* He was decorated for his service to industry


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