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ShareholderCommon stocks%
Monrif S.p.A.81.862.36762,016
ADV Media S.r.L.13.199.9009.999
Fondazione CR Trieste6.600.0005,000
Poligrafici Editoriale S.p.A. 5.663.9204,290


Joint Stock

Euro: 34.320.000

Common stocks: 132.000.000

The information is reported pursuant to the findings in the shareholders’ register or the most recent communications to the company in accordance with the law.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors for the three-year period 2014 / 2015 / 2016

PresidentMaria Luisa Riffeser MontiExecutive Director
Vice President and CEOAndrea Riffeser MontiExecutive Director
CouncilorGiorgio CefisNon-executive Director
CouncilorMassimo PanicciaIndependent and Non-executive Director
CouncilorMario CognigniIndependent and Non-executive Director
CouncilorMatteo Riffeser MontiNon-executive Director
CouncilorSara Riffeser MontiNon-executive Director
CouncilorAlessandro Zanini MarianiIndependent and Non-executive Director


Director in charge of the drafting of financial documents: Stefano Fantoni

Statutory Auditors

Statutory Auditors for the three-year period 2014 / 2015 / 2016

PresidentStanding Statutory AuditorSubstitute Statutory Auditor
Franco PozziStefania PellizzariMassimo Foschi
Amedeo CazzolaBarbara Carera
Ermanno Era


At the Board Meeting on May 13th, 2014, the Board of Directors renewed the components of the Committees as laid forth by the Code of Conduct and the Consob regulations. 

Internal Control CommitteeRelated Parties Transactions CommiteeRemuneration Committee
Alessandro Zanini Mariani
Mario Cognigni
Alessandro Zanini Mariani
Mario CognigniAlessandro Zanini MarianiGiorgio Cefis
Massimo PanicciaMassimo PanicciaMassimo Paniccia


The right to participate, act and vote in the Assembly is given to those granted these legitimate rights according to the applicable regulations, and, in the manner determined by the President, executives, company employees or the companies of the Group and other subjects whose presence is deemed useful depending on the matter to be discussed.

With the consent of the President and in the manner determined by him, other professionals, consultants, experts, financial analysts and qualified journalists can followand be accredited for any single assemble meeting.


Regolamento assembleare

Legislative Decree 231/01

Modello Legge 231/2001

Codice Etico


Notifying the Supervising Bodies

To describe the facts that, in his judgment, constitute or may constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct or the Lines of Conduct, the appropriate Supervisory Body can be contacted at the e-mail address indicated in the file below “Notifying the Supervising Bodies”. The notifications must be made in a non-anonymous manner, it being understood that the Supervisory Body will assure the person’s privacy without prejudice to any legal requirements.

Segnalazioni agli Organismi di Vigilanza



Legislative Decree 231/2001

In March 2006 Monrif S.p.A. approved the Organizational Model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001, aimed to prevent the possibility of committing offenses, relevant to the Decree and, consequently, the administrative responsibility of the company.
The adopted Model is a collection of general principles, rules of conduct, oversight instruments and organizational procedures, training and informative activities and disciplinary systems, aimed at ensuring, in as much as is possible, the prevention of crimes laid out in the previously mentioned Legislative Decree.

The Board of Directors nominated the Supervisory Board, to which was entrusted the task of overseeing the correct functioning of the Model and to take care of any updates to it, and which reports to the Board of Directors and the Statutory Auditors. The Model was the object of updates in subsequent years required to take into account new crimes introduced by Legislative Decree 231.

Law 262/2005 covering matters accounting and financial information

Following the introduction of law 262/2005 on the protection of savings, Poligrafici Editoriale S.p.A. adapted, where necessary, the administrative accounting procedures for the formatting of the communications of financial matters and to define the rules of governance of the model of accounting oversight and the rules of periodic reporting and of attesting the adequacy and operation of the drawn up model.

Procedure for the operation of the Related Parties

Poligrafici Editoriale S.p.A. adopted the procedure for the operation of the Related Parties according to that laid out in the CONSOB Regulation n. 17221 of March 12th, 2010, and subsequent modifications and additions that define the rules for said operations realized by Poligrafici Editoriale S.p.A., directly or rather through wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Procedura per la disciplina delle operazioni con Parti Correlate.

Documento informativo relativo ad operazioni di maggiore rilevanza con parti correlate – Delibera Quadro 13 novembre 2014

Documento informativo relativo ad operazioni di maggiore rilevanza con parti correlate – Delibera Quadro 13 novembre 2013

Documento informativo relativo ad operazioni di maggiore rilevanza con parti correlate – Delibera Quadro 14 novembre 2012

Documento informativo relativo ad operazioni di maggiore rilevanza con parti correlate – Delibera Quadro 10 novembre 2011



Security, environment and quality

Poligrafici Editoriale S.p.A. implemented a system of procedures and organizational structures dedicated to the management of aspects of data security (also in accordance with laws on Privacy), the protection of the environment and the safety of machines and personnel.

Other norms and regulations

The monitoring of the evolution and following the laws and regulations is presided over by the Directorate General for the legal and company aspects.

Dissemination and Storage

May 13th, 2015 – Dissemination and storage of Regulated Information

For the dissemination and storage of Regulated Information, Poligrafici Editoriale S.p.A. uses the SDIR/NIS – Storage circuit, managed by BIt Market Services, company of the London Stock Exchange Group headquarted in Milan, in Piazza degli Affari no. 6.

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